Demystifying Webflow Apps

Dive into Webflow apps in this post, what they are and their types

Demystifying Webflow Apps
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It's been a few months since Webflow introduced its latest generation of apps and developer platform updates. I've been exploring these new features and in this post, I'll share my initial thoughts and foundational insights on creating Webflow apps.

What is a Webflow app?

Think of a Webflow app as what you'd typically understand to be an integration or plugin. It enhances Webflow's functionality, and users can add these directly within the platform. Webflow provides a detailed overview of three types of apps you can create. Here is a high-level summary:

Data clients

These apps let you interact with server-side data like pages and forms. If you're planning to connect to other platforms via APIs, this is where you'll do it. Webflow offers a Figma diagram to show what the API can access.

Designer Extensions

These extensions operate within the Webflow designer, letting you tweak elements, styles, and pages right on the Webflow Canvas. It provides an in-context integration experience for your Webflow app.
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Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps blend the features of designer extensions and data clients. You can manipulate server-side data while working directly in the Webflow designer. Ideal for feature-rich integrations looking for versatility.
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There you have it! If you've ever built or used a Webflow app, I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a tweet at @ojabowlola or send a quick note to [email protected]. Always keen to learn and connect!

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