Introducing Integrations Directory: Your Copilot for Building Better Product Integrations

Introducing the Integrations Directory by Lunch Pail Labs, our latest launch designed to assist you in developing better product integrations

Introducing Integrations Directory: Your Copilot for Building Better Product Integrations
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Three years ago, we started Lunch Pail Labs with a vision to make launching software products more accessible. Our journey has been filled with fascinating projects, inspiring clients, and a ton of lessons learned. Among these lessons, one particularly important insight stood out - the success of a project often hinges on choosing the right software integrations. This fact holds even more weight in the realm of low-code and no-code development where building some functionality from scratch is typically not an option.
Many projects would start with "Does anyone have experience with integrating tool 'Y' for 'X'?" Over time, I curated a list of integrations, mostly for my reference and to quick-start projects.
Curiosity led me to wonder, "Is anyone else struggling with this too?" A simple tweet was the first step to finding out.
The response was overwhelming and offered just the validation I was looking for and The Integrations Directory was born.
What started as a curated list of integrations for your favorite no-code apps has now evolved into a platform designed to be a copilot for software product builders. The Integrations Directory is a one-stop shop where you can find integrations, access resources to help you build them, and even discover prebuilt utilities that handle the integration for you.
This is Lunch Pail’s first venture into products outside of client work. We're excited to learn, iterate, and hopefully make your product-building journey a bit easier. Stay tuned for updates, and if you’re curious, view the roadmap, or discover integrations and share what you think.

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Lola is the founder of Lunch Pail Labs and the curator of the Integrations Directory. She enjoys discussing low-code, integrations, and running a solo business. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.