The basics of Bubble plugins

Learn about Bubble plugins and the basics of creating them to extend the reach of your SaaS to Bubble's ecosystem

The basics of Bubble plugins
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Bubble is a leading no-code platform with a robust user base of over 3 million. Bubble plugins are a core part of the platform's allure, acting as Bubble’s take on integrations. These plugins enable users to enhance the platform with additional elements, API calls, and actions.
You have the opportunity to build and monetize plugins for the broader community or develop private plugins for bespoke code solutions in your applications. If you’re keen to understand the nuts and bolts of these integrations, let’s take a deep dive.

The anatomy of a Bubble plugin

General tab

Define the plugin's appearance in the library and optimize its keywords for better visibility if you plan to list it in the public marketplace
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Shared tab

Where you can define technical settings like headers, API keys, and assets.
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API calls

This section allows you to set up new API connections and authentication methods. It functions similarly to the API connector within Bubble’s editor.
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Create new Bubble elements to use within the Bubble designer. For a detailed guide on element creation, check out Bubble's official element documentation.
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Design custom actions for use in Bubble workflows. For an in-depth tutorial on action development, refer to Bubble's official action documentation.
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Manage your plugin's publication, licensing, and version updates. If you're developing a private plugin, this is where you provide app access.
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Keep an eye on user feedback for public plugins through the reviews section.

There’s a wealth of knowledge out there for aspiring plugin builders. If you’re looking to enhance your Bubble projects and need a hand, reach out for a chat at Lunch Pail Labs or email [email protected].
Here are some resources to get you started:
  • Discover how to create a PostHog A/B testing plugin for Bubble with this tutorial.
  • Learn to build a Twilio SMS plugin for Bubble with this guide.

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